The motor common fault analysis

The motor common fault analysis

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Three-phase asynchronous motors are widely used, but by the long-running, various fault occurs, determine the cause of the fault in a timely manner and dealt with accordingly, is to prevent the failure to expand, to ensure the normal operation of the equipment is an important work.
Energized motor can not rotate, but no abnormal sound, no smell and smoke.
1. ① Power of the cause of the malfunction has not rotary joints passed (at least two phases did not pass); the ② blows a fuse (fuse at least two phases); ③ overcurrent relays tune too small; ④ control equipment wiring error.
2. Troubleshooting ① Check the power circuit switches, fuses, junction boxes at whether there is a breakpoint repair; (2) Check the fuse type, fuse reason, a new fuse; ③ adjust the relay setting in conjunction with the motor; the ④ corrections wiring.
Energized motor does not turn, then the fuse
1. The cause of the fault (1) one phase power, or given an opposite connection trunk circle; the ② stator winding phase short circuit; ③ stator winding ground; ④ the stator windings wiring error; the ⑤ fuse cross section is too small; ⑤ power cord short circuit or ground.
2. Troubleshooting ① check whether there is a phase not Gehao knife, power supply circuit has a phase wire; to eliminate reverse fault; (2) detect short-circuit point, be repaired; ③ eliminate ground; ④ mistakenly identified then be corrected; ⑤ replacement The fuse; ③ eliminate the grounding point.
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